One thought on “The follies of Alternative Spring Break

  1. You’re right in seeing what a primary focus of service trips should be–activism well beyond that one week. But that the goal isn’t accomplished for most of the people on the trips is expected. The realistic goal of an ASB trip, regarding the participants (as opposed to those on the receiving end of the aid, who do often benefit beyond that week as well), is that a small percentage of them will get drafted, so to speak, into continued activism.

    The issue is that there doesn’t seem to many people to be a more effective way of getting those people hooked than to cast a wide net, and expect that the majority of people will slip through. If you bring a group of ten college students on an ASB trip, and just one of them winds up in a career of activism, is the price worth paying? Are there in fact any more efficient options of hooking that person? If not, then we work with what we can do, right?

    Good stuff here.

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