Happiness Projects

I’m often overwhelmed by my own excitement. In one of my many energy-spurts I wanted to make a sign. At first I considered a short mantra cut out with cardboard and collaged over but I couldn’t settle on something succinct enough. I finally decided to go with a simple “today is wonderful” written on small poster paper. I added the word “because…” to make the space into a gratitude wall. I’ve always wanted to keep a gratitude journal but the few times I’ve tried I always end up forgetting about it. There’s something to be said about the physical aspects of writing down a good thing that happened today and sticking it on your bedroom wall. That makes it real.

photo (16)No matter how bad things get I can look at that wall and see all things that have brought me joy. Even without walking up to it and reading the individual moments: the sight of it, the way it takes up space, is a statement. It is a reminder that more happiness awaits even if it’s small scale. Sometimes, my days are filled with high points but occasionally I have to force myself to think of something. Both of these are honest contemplations. No matter how awful our days are there will always be something to be grateful for–we just have to be willing to look for it. 

Below are the things plastered on my wall:
11/7/14: It’s friday!
11/8/14: Audiobooks exist and are easily accessible.
11/9/14: I ran father on Mt. Vernon Road than ever before (13 miles)
11/10/14: My macbook is (relatively) functional! Thank you technology!
It’s warm out and I haven’t gotten the flu yet!
11/11/14: My reading buddy was excited to see me today
11/12/14: I have an older brother aka an editor.
11/13/14: The heaters in newhall are finally blowing hot air.
11/14/14: I got into newhall sans ID (right away) and someone in the hall way was doing the whistle from Kill Bill. USMNT lost with 5 mins left in the game.
11/15/14: Almost maine was pretty great.
11/16/14: brown & white chocolate chip pancakes for brunch. Rice in seaweed plus Star Trek later that night with Justin.
11/17/14: Me and Justin’s deltacubes shirts finally came in!
11/18/14: Meeting with the EDU advisor board went well; gwen picked up my slack.
11/19/14: It’s block break!
11/20/14: RW magazine me time.
Rick & Morty with friends and Justin made me a Mr. Meeseeks wallet.
11/21/14: Ravioli was on point at brunch. Me time at fuel. DIY calendar crafting. Rush Hour marathon with friends.
11/22/14: Excellent weather for outdoor reading/writing.
11/23/14: Omelet day. Pumas won and are now in the playoffs. Went for a 5 mile run in the rain.
11/24/14: New block!
11/25/14: Coffee with Laurel and she gave me a ride to Iowa City to take the megabus.
11/26/14: Woke up in my own bed at home in Chicago, no class!, got pacos tacos.
11/27/14: Breakfast with everyone and the turkey was excellent.
11/28/14: 10 mile run with edwin as my pace setter. Watched Interstellar which is now one of my favorite films.
11/29/14: Pilsen outpost: finally got some of fedz’s art and some free coasters.
11/30/14: Found out they sold Ramune soda at the Korean market.
12/1/14: Its the holiday season!
12/2/14: Light homework load. Got more decorations. My R2D2 dress came in. A previous peer told me they enjoyed having me in class.
12/3/14: Lyrically Inclined = yay poetry
12/4 Black lives matter rally and Poetry for science
12/5/14: Cosplayed R2D2 with Laurel as C3PO
12/6/14: Slam team practice was fun and I’m excited for group pieces
12/7/14: N64, Louie, batman beyond & chips

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