Giving thanks (part 2): on a daily basis.

In general, we fail to give thanks. Complaining is easy; appreciating is hard. I slip up all the time but I’m always working on getting better at it. Of course, a little whining is necessary–for most people at least. It’s an exhale of angst. But to combat this I try not to take things to seriously: more often than not my complaining is laced with humor or padded with positive statements (ex. “I don’t know how I’m going to get this done before class, but I know it’s going to get done”).

Still, we all have been known to frequent negative town and when I feel myself visiting far too often I remind myself of the things I’m thankful for: my health (I don’t even have a cold), my friends & family, having a functional laptop/cell phone, hot showers, long runs, netflix, coffee, my bed, good weather, stormy weather (when indoors), being able to get everywhere on foot, videogames, my workstudy jobs, the fact that the internet exists, poetry, useful apps, audiobooks, living suitestyle and without a roommate, the fact that my dad buys my textbooks, tarantino movies, quality cheese, the list goes on. 

But this isn’t just a post about appreciating the little things in life: it’s about taking time to say thanks for the large things that go unnoticed. Because the thing about “the little things” is that our “little things” are someone else’s dream world. Hot showers, free laundry, consistent food from our meal plans, etc. We let our small troubles eclipse everything we have going for us.

When it seems like the world is crashing down sometimes you just need to take a minute and think about the grand scheme of things. For everything your life is lacking, for all the loss and anguish you’ve experienced, there is still so much to be grateful for. So instead of complaining, consider saying thank you. To quote the poet Alysia Harris: “So much to do today. So honored to do it.”

And lastly:


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