New Year’s Resolutions

As far as resolutions, 2013 went pretty well. I didn’t read 1hr a day but I did complete 8 nonrequired readings (2 more than 2012!). I completed my 365 Haiku project just before midnight. I beat Super Meat Boy, which means not only did I finish a challenging game but I actually spent some time gaming (a hobby I often neglect because it’s not conventionally productive). I didn’t blog as much as I wanted to but I’m happy to say that last year, this blog was born and it is still going strong. I also spent 2013 doing a lot more yoga and I finally committed to running; I even completed my first race: the IMT Des Moines Half Marathon!

But now it’s on to the next one. Here are my resolutions for 2014:

English and Education

  • Be more informed about ED Policy/news
  • Follow 3 more wordpress blogs and read their posts regularly
  • Write 50 blog posts (approx 4 posts a month)
  • Complete 12 nonrequired readings


  • Daily yoga
  • Get upper body strength
  • Run 16 miles


  • Be more organized (have a cleaner room and spend less time running late)
  • Learn to cook 6+ meals. 
  • Finish every videogame I buy/buy more videogames
  • Watch more movies  (at least 24)
  • Do the things I’ve “been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to.”
    including but not limited to:

    • Go to the sear’s tower “ledge”
    • Get duck fat fries at hot doug’s
    • Do my own Chicago coffee crawl(s)
    • Try different kinds of coffee 
    • Go to a hookah lounge
    • Visit the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative

That’s the list so far. I haven’t decided on what my next poetry challenge will be (I’m open to suggestions!) but I definitely want to tackle another one. While this list is long and (as I read it back to myself) intimidating, I don’t want to settle for a challenge I can do. So here’s to a year of more reading, writing, fitness, and fun. They’re the 4 things that are at the center of my life and the 4 things that keep me sane. Most importantly, though it may seem like a lot to take on, working on these 4 components will make me the happiest and healthiest person I can be. And–at the end of the day–isn’t that what we’re all striving for?


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