Life Lessons (I tend to forget/try to make exceptions for)

ImageWithin the first few blocks of school, I realized there are certain pit falls I continuously fall into as a student and as a person in general. So I started posting sticky notes inside my desk topper–the theme was “Life Lessons (I tend to forget/try to make exceptions for)”. The parenthetical is necessary because I found that these shortcoming were a result of me A) repeating these mistakes and B) being arrogant about them, telling myself “yeah… but this time it will be different!”

Here are my findings:

1) All nighters mean you need to sleep ASAP for 2-4hrs before even attempting to do anything

2) If time is a concern always start now. Don’t wait.

3) No matter how hungry I am, the most I can eat is 18 pizza puffs

4) Clean the coffee pot/mugs immediately after use; they become disgusting.

5) Reading in bed quickly becomes sleeping in bed. Don’t do it.

6) You’re not going to “wake up early and finish it”, just push through and get it done tonight

7) Make your personal goals “mandatory”. Treat them like your homework or they’ll forever be something you’ll “get to later” (ps. later never comes).

The last one is a continuous struggle for me. I find myself focussing on just my homework and usually by the time I get that done there’s just enough time to get a decent amount of sleep (which is rarity I never give up to, say, read for fun or workout). I’ve even found myself skipping club meetings because my homework load felt too hectic (a habit I’ve finally broken out of completely). But I’m done making my goals the sacrificial lambs of my daily agenda. Summer is the perfect time to form positive habits to carry into the fall semester and thats exactly what I plan to do.


2 thoughts on “Life Lessons (I tend to forget/try to make exceptions for)

  1. Number 6 is so me! I have had to find out the hard way to jus push through the night because I am not a morning person, and I do not sleep well knowing that I have stuff to do in the morning.

    • Exactly! I get stressed out, worried that I won’t wake up on time. And then I also have to worry about waking up my sleeping roommate. If I can tell it’s going to be a late night I usually take a preemptive nap in the evening, that way I’m rested enough to power through.

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